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Desk Zones for Working From Home Life 🤘🏼📱☕️ 🗒

With so many of us working from home since the dreaded L word, I've noticed an increased appreciation for desk/workplace essentials. In this blog I'll be sharing how I've created different workspace zones on my desk to help me adapt to working from home in a 1 bedroom apartment 👍🏼

Prior to setting up The Brady Creative, I have spent the majority of my career in the workplace furniture and interiors industry. As anybody from this industry will know, workplace zones have become a central part of office design.

So, when I started working from home and found myself struggling to focus, I decided to create my own workplace zones using my desk.

In the picture above you'll see a birds-eye view of my desk a.k.a my dining table, or what used to be my dining table. I'm a typical creative, I like a homely desk. I like things around me that help me relax, remind me to keep going if I am stuck on something and just generally make me feel good.

So without further a do, let me introduce you to my desk zones...

The wellbeing zone 🙏🏼

This section of my desk is all about feel good vibes. I always have a candle on the go to keep things calm and smelling nice and I'm trying to drink more water so my litre bottle is only an arms length away. I also LOVE this terrarium that I recently bought from, wait for it....


It's really important, particularly when working from home that the space we work in helps us get into the right mindset. Easier said than done at times I know but some greenery, a candle and a bottle of water is a good place to start.

The tech zone ️🖥

This part of my desk is all about the kit that enables me to do my job. My laptop is plugged into a 27" Thunderbolt Display, which helps my eyes out in a big way!

I also love the laptop stand that I bought from IKEA at the beginning of lockdown. They don't seem to be in stock at the moment but you can get similar products from Amazon. I love it - stylish, simplistic and it makes my desk setup more ergonomic. It also works really well as a laptop stand when I'm working from the sofa, or dare I say it, checking my emails in bed 🙈 All in all, it was a great buy and has become an essential part of my workspace.

Then we have the Education zone ️🖥

This is the zone of my desk that I turn to when I need a moment to disconnect, or sometimes an opportunity to inspire myself when I'm struggling to focus.

I've reconnected with reading in the last 12 months and I'm loving it again! As somebody who has always been thirsty for learning and is now a business owner, I've now always got a book (or 3!) on the go 🤓

I keep a selection of my favourite books on my desk as reminders of what I've learnt from them. It's nice to be able to pick them up and remind myself of snippets when I need a bit of inspiration.

and last but not least...

Then MOJO zone 💥

We all find different things motivating. Some of us like quotes, some like pictures, others might have hand written messages from loved ones or colleagues, or maybe even a target written on the wall...

For me, its always been pictures and words. I'm not sure where I came across the "Dream Big" phrase, it may even be something that I just came up with for myself but it's been a mantra for me for the last few years and it's definitely something that we live by at The Brady Creative.

The picture of me and Mum - I don't think this needs much explaining. We've had a vision of running an agency together for a long time and we are finally doing it! This picture pretty much sums us up. Best pals, mother and daughter, and now business partners.

I only have to look to my left if I am having a confidence wobble or a particularly long day. I see this picture and I feel re-energised 😊

So there you have it! The workplace zones that I've created on my desk to help me adjust to working from home.

If I can give you one piece of advice it would be to make yourself as ergonomically comfortable as possible 1st, then try and find simple ways to make your new workspace feel right for you. Simple things like a bottle of water, a plant, and a candle could work wonders.

And before I wrap up, here are a few of my other workspace essentials...

A cup of the hot stuff - tea and coffee should never be far from reach ☕️

A good keyboard and mouse - ergonomic if possible 👌🏼

A notebook for all those amazing ideas! 🗒

A solid task chair if you can get hold of one

and of course...our trusty office friend...


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