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How to establish brand awareness

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Paul Gordon
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Never thought about your brand awareness before? We reckon you will by the end of this blog post!

Brand awareness isn't marketing jargon. Brand awareness refers to how well your audience understands your brand and what you offer. It’s not just that they need to be aware of your business name, or your logo: your audience needs to know and recognise what you offer and who you serve.

The goal here isn't that they see your name and think, “Amazing, those folks have such funny LinkedIn posts!” Instead, you want them to see your name and think, “Ah, The Brady Creative – they offer strategic marketing to small businesses.”

The goal of raising brand awareness is that the next time your audience has a problem which you can solve, you’re forefront of their minds. You are the first accountant they think of for their tax return. The first recruiters that come to mind to help them hire. In essence, you’re there when they need you.

So, it’s useful stuff, but how on earth do you establish brand awareness? Fear not, friends; scroll on for our juiciest brand awareness tips…

🎨 Create a personality-packed brand

This process all starts with great branding. Your graphics, colour palette, font choices, and brand photography should all be harmonious and recognisable. It’s something we’re hugely passionate about at The Brady Creative (and you can learn about how we can take care of this for you here.) 

Just as vital, your copy should be consistent and packed with personality. Every post, email, and web page needs to sound the same… and be impactful. No one will recognise or remember you with branding that’s inconsistent and outdated.

🤝 Give back to your community

While we are about to share some points to support your content creation this year, before we do, don't neglect internet-free ways to raise your brand awareness. That could mean you sponsor a charity run in your local community, or that you host free workshops where your skills support a vulnerable group. Maybe you could help organise a fundraising event in the office, or support employees who want to volunteer some of their time to a good cause. Being part of your community will help them remember and trust you. If you show that you care, your audience is more likely to care back. It’s an amazing way to get on the radar of future customers.

✍🏼 Tell your brand’s story

This is something our content writer Anna has been getting super passionate about lately! Your brand has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The story of how you got to where you are now, what you are doing at the moment, and where you are headed in the future. As humans, we are naturally drawn to brands that are bigger than the simple goal of making money. Do you want to buy a gift from retail giant Amazon… or from Scottish ceramicist Clare, who started pottery to stay sane during the pandemic and who donates a portion of her profits to her favourite charity?

Take some time to map out the milestones of your brand, from how it got started to where you’d love to go next. It can be as personal as you want it to be, but make sure it shows the humanity of your business so that people can root for you. Then remember to incorporate your story into your content: create regular posts that remind folks of where you've come from and where you are going, and weave your history into everything else you create.

💰 Always share valuable content

If you want your followers to become ride-or-die advocates for your brand, it’s time to start giving. Every post you share needs to be:

👉🏾 Entertaining – make your audience laugh, or feel a little amused

👉🏾 Educational – teach your followers something they didn't know before finding that post

👉🏾 Emotional – inspiring in some way, or even a bit of a tearjerker if that’s right

If your content doesn't hold value, your followers will not stick around… so make sure you are creating content that has their interests at heart!

🤳 Create content your audience will want to share

You might be used to stressing over hashtags or posting times that help get your content seen. Our advice? This mindset is SO 2015. Nowadays, the best way to get your posts seen is to ensure it’s something your followers immediately want to share. This means it’s got to be valuable, but also needs to remind your followers how they can engage with your content. Always include a CTA (call to action) that nudges them to dive further:

✅ “Forward this to the friend who’s always ______” – for a funny post highlighting an activity many of us do

✅ “Send this to that business bestie who deserves a boost today”

✅ “Hit share if you found this titbit helpful!”

…you get the idea!

Feeling stuck with your brand awareness? We’re here to help! Get in touch to book a free discovery call so that we can get your brand moving forward. 

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