Strategy First Marketing

Get your ideal clients talking to you with personality-led marketing

Not seeing a positive return on your existing marketing?
Our strategy first marketing solutions deliver real, measurable results.

The Brady Creative

Why invest in strategy
first marketing?

A marketing strategy is essentially a plan of attack.
Without one it can be hard to know where to start, right?


Say goodbye to
scattergun marketing

No more plucking ideas out of thin air every few days, weeks, or months because a social media post or email “needs” to go out.

A good strategy helps create consistent content, specifically designed to get into the heads of your ideal clients.


Focus on the priority.
The client

At the heart of every good marketing strategy is one thing. Your ideal clients.

  • What are they struggling with?
  • How can you help them with this struggle?
  • Where should you be telling them that you can help?

Without these things, marketing can quickly feel like an uphill battle. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.


It’s easier to be brave

“We need to stand out”, “We need to do something different”.

Find yourself saying these things a lot but not following through?

With a strong strategy behind you, it will feel easier to stick your head above the parapet and show people the true personality of your brand.


Smarter budgets

We might not be numbers people but we know one thing for sure.

If you’ve got a solid plan, you will spend your money better.

No wasted pennies on channels where your audience don’t live. No more big spending with no return.

We love what we do...
and so do our clients

Thanks to the innovative ideas and strategic approach of The Brady Creative, our brand has seen remarkable growth and recognition.

Hannah Slaymaker

Hannah Slaymaker

Broad Horizons

Nobody could deliver quality results on time, whilst keeping a cool head (while many around her weren't) better than Helen!

Campbell Scott

Campbell Scott

Massey Ferguson EAME

I used to be a marketing cynic.
Now I’m a marketing believer!

Tadhg Flanagan

Tadhg Flanagan


Unleash your businesses potential

Strategy + a little bravery
= clients valuing your brand

How we do it

The strategic process is different for every business.

Our job is to help you build a plan that is realistic whilst having impact. Here is a bit more about what is involved 👉🏻

Book a FREE discovery call
1. Marketing Audit
1. Marketing Audit

Let's see where you're at

We assess where you are at and review the tools you are currently using to plan and execute your marketing content.

2. Marketing Workshop
2. Marketing Workshop

We discover the personality in your brand

We get together - our team and yours to get under the skin of your business.

  • What do you stand for?
  • What does the future look like?
  • Who are those ideal clients?
3. Marketing Strategy Build
3. Marketing Strategy Build

The plan is built!

With research into the market and assessment of different channels, we design a plan of attack to get more of your ideal clients talking to you.

4. Marketing Support
4. Marketing Support

We help fill your resource gaps

Once we’ve agreed on the plan of action, we can support you with implementation of either all or some of the strategy.


Any questions?

Do I need to use you for my marketing management after we have completed a strategy session?

No, not at all. As with all of our strategy services, we are here to help you get a plan of action in place but we don’t necessarily need to help you on an ongoing basis. All of our strategies are designed so that you or your team can implement the plans but of course, if you need our help, we are here.

Do I have to have a marketing strategy for you to help with my marketing?

Everything we do here at The Brady Creative has strategy at its heart. We would either want to take a look at your existing Marketing Strategy and tweak it if needed or create one with you from scratch. What we don’t do is take over your marketing without looking at the bigger picture.

Is a marketing strategy important?

Yes. Most businesses are marketing their products and services without a clear plan. Essentially this is like shooting in the dark. A Marketing strategy gives you a clear sense of direction where you will set business goals, discover who your ideal customers are and plan how to reach them. It helps define how you will communicate with your future and current customers.

How long does a marketing strategy take?

From start to finish, a Marketing Strategy takes roughly 4 weeks to complete. We start with a ½ day workshop, and it then takes us a couple of weeks to put our proposed plans together for you. Once you are happy with the proposed strategy, either you and your team can implement it or we can join forces to help.

Strategy First Marketing

Case Studies

The proof is in the pudding right?

Here are some stories of the businesses we’ve had the pleasure of working strategically with.

The Brady Creative

Your marketing partner and then some...

We always start with strategy, but we can also help deliver your marketing plans. Our in-house team and trusted partners are ready to help get that intentional marketing of yours out there 🤙🏼


New brand from scratch? An evolution of your existing brand? We’ve got you. You know what designers are like - chomping at the bit for those branding projects!


The foundations. The substance. The opportunity to emote and persuade. Our copywriters are here to put character into your copy that will get the right people talking to you.

Graphic design

Having a spicy brand is one thing but making sure it is consistent is another. Stationary, literature, presentations, social media images - we can help.

Website design

The shop window to your business. The place people check for credibility. With our partners, we can design a website that converts for you.


Fancy a look behind the scenes at Brady HQ?
This is the place 👇🏼

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