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There are personalities in your business who can get your brand in front of more of the right people

Need to get your brand in front of more ideal clients?
Struggling to share the personality in your business with the world?
We help businesses elevate the personal brands of their team to increase leads.

Personal Branding
The Brady Creative

Why invest in the personal brands of your team?

Every person in your business is a touchpoint of your brand.
Every person in your business is marketing for you whether they realise it or not.

Personal Branding
Personal BrandingPersonal Branding
Personal Branding

Real insight
for your audience

There are no better people than your team to show your audience what your business is all about.

Want to get the real culture of your business out into the world? Put your people centre stage.

Personal Branding

People buy
from people

How many times have you heard this phrase? 👆🏼

It is so true! The more familiar your ideal clients become with your team, the hotter your leads will get.

Personal Branding

Open new doors

Every person in your business has their own network of contacts.

Whether built over years of experience or developing as they find their way in the industry, the total network of your team could be a huge pool of opportunity.

Personal Branding

Build the best team

As with the content you share on your business social media pages, content from your team will help attract the right future talent.

We love what we do...
and so do our clients

Working with Hannah is a delight. She is knowledgeable, professional, friendly and fun.

Polly McAllester

Polly McAllester

Polly McAllester Leadership Coach

Hannah runs great workshops, holds the room well and has given me some great stuff to work on regarding my LinkedIn profile.

Zoe Pollard

Zoe Pollard


Working with The Brady Creative has been a great decision, I would recommend them to anyone.

Tom Hughes

Tom Hughes

J O Hambro Capital Management

Where to start

Strategy + trust =
your team marketing for you

How we do it

Your team are a huge marketing resource for your business.

With the right blend of guidelines and freedom, personal branding could be a powerful way to get more hot leads into that pipeline.

Book a FREE discovery call
1. Personal Brand Audit
1. Personal Brand Audit

Give us the feels

We get a feel for how your team are currently sharing your social media content with their network. Time for us to see the potential of their profiles.

2. Personal Branding Workshop
2. Personal Branding Workshop

Let's get together

We sit down with your chosen influencers and help them plan the strategy for their content moving forward.

3. Personal Brand Training
3. Personal Brand Training

Training to be the best

We put said influencers through our 10-week personal brand programme. We guide them through the do’s and dont’s, social media and PR tips, and help them keep on track. 

4. Personal Branding Accountability
4. Personal Branding Accountability

See us as your accountability partners

We can consult with your influencers and keep then on track with their content and understanding of how to analyse whether it's working or not.


Any questions?

How long does a personal brand strategy take?

From start to finish, a Personal Brand Strategy takes roughly 4 weeks to complete. We start with a ½ day workshop, and it then takes us a couple of weeks to put our proposed plans together for you. Once you are happy with the proposed strategy, either you and your team can implement it or we can join forces to help.

Is a personal brand strategy effective?

A personal brand strategy can take you from fearing to post on social media or feeling like you feel you ‘should’ post on social media to adding value and attracting your ideal clients through your personal profile. A personal brand strategy will help take away the overwhelm and give you the direction that keeps you focused and able to enjoy sharing content on social media.

Do I have to have a personal brand strategy for you to help with my personal brand?

Everything we do here at The Brady Creative has strategy at its heart. We would either want to take a look at your existing personal brand strategy and tweak it if needed or create one with you from scratch. What we don’t do is take over social media channels without looking at the bigger picture.

What is included in a personal brand strategy?

During a personal brand strategy process we complete a workshop with you and your team (if more want to be involved) to get under the skin of social media and how to be visible as a personal brand, we then produce a personal brand strategy for you along with a content calendar. Once you are happy with the plan, you can either implement it yourself or we can join forces with you to help.

Is a personal brand strategy important?

Like you would with a business brand if you are trying to develop your personal brand, a strategy is essential for A) creating the right impression and B) staying consistent with what you are trying to achieve.

Do I need to use you for my personal brand management after we have completed a strategy session?

Not at all. As with all of our strategy services, we are here to help you get a plan of action in place but we don’t necessarily need to help you on an ongoing basis. All of our strategies are designed so that you or your team can implement the plans but of course, if you need our help, we are here.

The Brady Creative

Your marketing partner and then some...

We always start with strategy, but we can also help deliver your marketing plans. Our in-house team and trusted partners are ready to help get that intentional marketing of yours out there 🤙🏼


New brand from scratch? An evolution of your existing brand? We’ve got you. You know what designers are like - chomping at the bit for those branding projects!


The foundations. The substance. The opportunity to emote and persuade. Our copywriters are here to put character into your copy that will get the right people talking to you.

Graphic design

Having a spicy brand is one thing but making sure it is consistent is another. Stationary, literature, presentations, social media images - we can help.

Website design

The shop window to your business. The place people check for credibility. With our partners, we can design a website that converts for you.


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This is the place 👇🏼

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