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4 ways to establish a recognisable brand

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Paul Gordon
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You might have heard before that for sales to happen, your audience needs to know, like, and trust you. Sounds simple, right? But when you stop and think about it, how do you get your audience to do this? Where do you begin?

Enter your well-crafted, sales-boosting brand! If done right, your audience will be able to spot content from you in a split second and gradually move from cold to sold without even realising it’s happening. Your brand can do so much of the heavy lifting in your business… so here’s how to get started on creating a recognisable brand…

Always use consistent typography

As humans, we’re a lot more brand-conscious than you might think! In a world of polished branding, always using the same typography will help your audience to associate you with a certain font face… even when it’s not you using it. Any time you create newsletters, social media graphics, add to your website, or create copy anywhere for your brand, stick to the same font face everywhere possible. Choose and educate your team on the fonts you use for your headings, subheadings, and body text, and make sure everybody sticks to them. It’s vital to helping your audience spot you in a crowded social media feed.

Be consistent with your photography too

Just like your chosen typefaces, your audience should be able to recognise a photo from you without thinking twice. The best route to achieve this is organising a brand shoot with an experienced photographer, who will provide you with a gallery of images that match in colours and themes. If this isn't an option right now, be selective with your choices of stock photography. Agree on what you are looking for and add these to your brand guidelines that also contain your chosen typefaces.

Better still, see who is a natural photographer in your office and organise a DIY shoot – we have some tips about how to do this here! Try and take as many photos as possible in the same place with the same lighting, and make sure any edits or filters you use are identical. A shoot that features your team will really help boost your brand recognition as your audience will start to remember your team members alongside your branding!

Feature a recognisable logomark

Want to really hammer home that a piece of social media content is from you? It’s time to add your logomark! A miniaturised version of your logo will help your audience quickly identify a post is from you AND help them get more familiar with the elements of your branding. Include it on your graphic posts or at the corner of photos and videos as a reminder this content was made by you – we do it a lot on our social media graphics, with some examples visible here. Spotted the little blue circle with the lines on all our posts? 

Use distinctive brand colours

Lastly, let’s not forget the importance of colours for your brand recognition. Again, if you get this right, a follower will be able to tell a post is from you from the colours if nothing else! Decide on the three to six brand colours that are your core palette and use them consistently throughout your social media content, on your website… anywhere you can. Done right, your audience will picture your brand just as you start to picture McDonald’s when you see red and yellow together… or Tiffany’s when you see that magical shade of Tiffany blue.

Need a little help creating your recognisable brand? We have decades of branding experience and we’d love to support you! Head over to book a discovery call and we’ll start your brand evolution…

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