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Top tips on getting comfortable with video content

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Paul Gordon
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Video content is huge, and only getting bigger! Instagram’s CEO has confirmed multiple times over the past year that they’re pivoting towards being a video first-platform, while TikTok has been reported to have as many as 43 million active daily users across iOS and Android. If you’re wondering why we think video marketing is so important, and how to get started making content of your own, this blog post is for you!

Why is video content so effective as a marketing strategy?

  1. Video is a deeply personal medium. If you’re in front of the camera, potential customers can see how you look, speak, and move, helping to build an almost parasocial relationship with you before they’ve even bought from your business.
  2. Video content is what’s performing best on most social media platforms right now. Many of our clients have told us that they’ve noticed real growth in their followings since making the pivot over towards more video, as Facebook and Instagram in particular are trying to push them.
  3. Video content is versatile. We’ve talked about content recycling before so we’ll keep this short, but video content can be repurposed across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and your website.

Think about your framing

Framing refers to how you’ve styled and positioned your subject and props for a shot. Remember that if you’re talking to the camera, being very far away or sat super low down in the shot will be distracting. Consider adding some plants to your background for interest and dimension, and shoot in purely natural daylight if you’re starting out without professional equipment.

Practise but don’t post

Know that you need to get used to filming video but not sure where to start? It’s okay to practise! We can’t tell you how many unposted videos are just chilling in The Brady Creative’s collective camera roll because we just wanted to test the waters. Record as many times as you need to to get used to being on camera, but remember the perfect first video does not exist! Practise and then get out there.

Be yourself

It can be so tempting when we’re nervous to put on a bit of a persona while we’re on camera. This is completely understandable, but also completely unnecessary! Ideally, you want to come across exactly as you would when customers meet you… so that means you are enough exactly as you are. It can be helpful to have a person in mind to imagine while you talk, whenever you’re recording something on your own. Alternatively, grab a colleague, and film a chat on a subject that matters to your audience together.

Video is still doable when you’re shy!

If you know showing your face is too tough for you on camera, we have some options!

  1. Use photos instead of video. One of our freelancers, Anna, swears by this – you can combine photos and text together to create an Instagram Reel or TikTok in a matter of minutes. It’s a great way to dip your toes in the water or maintain a video presence while honouring your comfort zone.
  2. Embrace the power of the voiceover. Film a timelapse of you doing your work, a series of clips from your day, and record an audio of you talking instead of facing the camera. Again, this could be the stepping stone you need to get more confident with video, so don’t be afraid to dive in further!

Do you have any more questions about video content? We’d love to help! Drop us a line at hello@thebradycreative.co.uk 💙

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