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Top Tips for avoiding scattergun marketing

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Hannah Brady
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You’ve hopefully heard us chatting about our love of blending creativity and strategy into everything we do… but what’s the opposite of a creative strategy-led marketing approach? We have one answer: scattergun marketing!

What does scattergun marketing look like?

  • Marketing efforts are done on the fly, often creating content on the same day it gets posted.
  • Posting on an inconsistent schedule – one week you might post seven times to a social media platform, but the next week you might post just once.
  • Creating content that doesn’t feel connected to other posts; the branding might vary between your graphics and images and the copy might cover a huge array of subjects.
  • Never reviewing the content to see what’s performed well and what hasn’t.

Sounds chaotic, doesn’t it? Today, though, we’re sharing our biggest tips to put your scattergun days behind you… let’s dive in.

Have a basic strategy in place

If you’re new to the world of intentional marketing, let’s keep it simple. You’re going to ask four questions:

  1. What are you trying to achieve with your marketing?
  2. Who are you targeting?
  3. What does your audience need to hear from you?
  4. How are you going to communicate with them?

We ask these questions as the basis for any campaign we create for a client because they are the essentials. Think of these as the bread and butter of the marketing strategy world, and don’t go making a marketing strategy sandwich without them.

Be analytical with your content

Here’s one step so many businesses fall down on! Yes, you do need to be sharing content, but the reviewing step is JUST as vital. In fact, you need to review and tweak CONSTANTLY. This ensures that you can recreate the success of the content that did well and avoid emulating content that performed poorly. A monthly review is the perfect way to take stock of what your audience engaged with, which content converted them, and which content fell short of your expectations. Make sure you’re never creating without a little insight behind you.

Talk to your customers about what kind of content resonates with them

The biggest resource to further your marketing efforts? Your customers! When you’re in conversation with your clients, ask them about what they’d love to see from you. We also recommend sending them a survey to gather some feedback and ask them:

  • Which social media platforms they enjoy using
  • Which mediums they like (podcast, short-form video, photo posts)
  • Which subjects they would like to see you cover
  • Which brands are already sharing content that resonates with them

You could even think about giving away a voucher of some kind to say thank you to folks who respond!

With some customer feedback, you’re no longer going into your marketing blind! Instead, you can create with the confidence that your content will be relevant and enticing to the kind of people you want to work with.

That’s us done folks!

Let us know if you have any questions over on LinkedIn or Instagram, we'd love to help.

Take care and get strategic!

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