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Key social media trends to look out for in 2023

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Hannah Brady
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If you know us, you know we’re passionate about harnessing the power of social media! It’s an ever-changing medium, with exciting opportunities for those who are willing to use it with strategy. If you’re keen to learn what might be just around the corner for your fave social media platforms, here’s The Brady Creative’s guide to social media trends in 2023… I hope you enjoy!

Video is still going to be huge

Yup, we’ve chatted about it before and we’re chatting about it again… Video is still a massive social media trend, industry-wide. Sparked by the rapid growth of TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn are just some of the social media platforms that are chasing TikTok’s success by adding more video tools. For 2023, we predict that there will be even more tools to use on your favourite apps, with algorithms on places like Facebook and Instagram continuing to push users towards video content over anything else.

More innovative ad options are coming

As social media platforms have become more saturated, and algorithms more tightly controlled, paid advertising has ever more appeal. Social media platforms are aware of this, so many have announced new ad options for brands looking to grow their presence online. These include Meta’s Click to Message ads, where an Instagram or Facebook ad is linked to a chat conversation with a business’ WhatsApp account. It also sounds like multiple platforms are trying to bring live-stream shopping to the west, which could be great for product-based businesses, but either way we’re confident that paid advertising will get a whole lot more dynamic and creative in 2023.

Subscription models might become a thing

Twitter has just been acquired by entrepreneur Elon Musk, who has shared that he wants to try a paid subscription model for users who want to keep their blue tick verification. It’s an interesting idea, especially because only high-performing accounts would have to cough up while the everyday user remains unaffected. This is more likely to perform well than a universal subscription model that charges every user.

There’s been some very mixed reactions to this idea so it remains to be seen whether it’ll actually go ahead, but if it’s one that performs well and turns around Twitter’s financial struggles it might catch on with other platforms… let’s wait and see.

SEO will become huge on social media

Search Engine Optimization is the process of enhancing a website so that it performs well on search platforms like Google or Bing. Most of us are familiar with the concept when it comes to boosting our sites, but TikTok has apparently decided it wants to capitalise on its users’ tendency to use the app instead of Google. Instagram has also shared that keywords are now more important than ever, so with these in mind, it’s likely to be time that we all start thinking about how to integrate SEO into our social media content. Hashtags are likely to be less crucial than ensuring search terms are distributed within the social posts you share.

AR is going to get so much bigger

One big shift we’re keeping in mind is the rise of Augmented Reality or AR. Meta are working on their AR glasses, while Instagram is just one of the platforms offering AR tools for advertising, a super exciting prospect. Expect new ways to access the apps if the glasses go mainstream, as well as even more sophisticated filters on platforms like TikTok and Snapchat that advertisers can create in the hopes of going viral.

I hope you enjoyed our predictions for 2023! Send us your social media questions on LinkedIn or Instagram; we'd love to help.

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