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What can you do if your content doesn't go to plan?

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Loïs Bain
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Hey guess what? Not every piece of content you share will go as you hoped.

And, whilst your first instinct might be to toss that content to the kerb…we’re here to tell you that scrapping that video, blog post, or newsletter is the LAST thing you should be doing? 

Instead, here are some of the things you can be doing to turn those content flops into gold.


📹 Turn your failed video clips into a blooper reel

If anything is a content win-win, it’s a blooper reel. Just head to Hannah’s LinkedIn for evidence 😅(sorry Han!) These compilations will add warmth, humour, and humanity to your brand. In a world that often asks for perfection, choosing to show the reality of your work is massive! Instead of deleting the clips that didn't make the cut, gather a few together and add a caption about why not expecting perfection is important to you. There is a high chance your audience will laugh along and love that you've shared the less sparkly side of content. 

🤳 Post your imperfect content anyway

We’re not having a moment, we promise! All too often, that piece of content that you think is too raw will outperform the content you thought would be a total win. When working on something for too long it’s easy to convince ourselves that it will be a flop… with no evidence that it actually will. You might not see it as a winner, but that doesn't mean your audience will agree with you! The scariest posts are usually the ones that do best, because you've been honest, vulnerable, or maybe a bit of both.

♻️ Recycle failed content into something new

Got a load of clips from a workday vlog that didn't pan out? Use them as b-roll for a compelling Instagram Reel with a juicy caption. Realised your idea was too short for a blog post? Explore it in a thoughtful LinkedIn post instead. Not sure what you are trying to say in your newsletter? Hit save, copy the idea into your ideas bank, and come back to it another time. We are big believers in recycling all your ideas, including the ones you feel didn't pan out too! Something that feels like a failure today might be the spark for an amazing piece of content later down the line when you've had time to mull things over.

✍🏼 Record your lessons

Our brand photographer pal Anna uses a notebook to record her lessons from every shoot or call with a client. We love this idea for your content too! If you feel like something went wrong, what can you learn for the future? What action steps would prevent you from falling into the same situation again? Make a note of what you've learned and store it somewhere you will come back to.

Ready to start turning those content flops into new-found glory? 

Let us know how you get on! 

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