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How Influencer Marketing can help your business

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Paul Gordon
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Influencer marketing is a real opportunity for businesses that can get it right. We love helping our clients find the right marketing strategies for them, and for some, an influencer marketing campaign will bring fantastic results. Curious about how influencer marketing can help your business? This post is for you!

Many influencers are deeply trusted by their followers

This is the biggest gain from influencer marketing. Many influencers have spent months or years cultivating their brand and with it, an extremely loyal follower base. This audience is used to seeing recommendations from the influencer and may have purchased recommendations that they really liked in the past. This means that this could be a super warm audience for your product or service. Lots of us see influencers as an extension of our social groups, taking their word-of-mouth recommendations as seriously as if they came directly from a close friend. That’s a seriously valuable prospect for your business!

Influencer marketing can be comparatively inexpensive

While more traditional marketing streams can get expensive fast, influencer marketing can yield a high return after a relatively low investment. That warm audience we mentioned above can be hard to find through print advertising or billboard features, but the cost of both could run quite high. By contrast, working with nano- or micro-influencers can be low cost but still lead to a great ROI. These smaller influencers don’t have the high follower count but their engagement rate often dwarfs that of household names, making them a worthwhile investment. There are even agencies out there that specialise in gift-only influencer partnerships, bringing the cost of a campaign even lower.

Influencers can help get you in front of a new audience

Influencer marketing is a fantastic way to get discovered by a new age group, area, or demographic you’d like to pursue. Most critically, if you choose the right influencer for your business, they might have an audience that’s deeply aligned with your brand. As a sustainability-focused brand, finding a zero-waste influencer will help you reach an eco-aware audience you might never have had access to before.

An influencer marketing partnership can increase your following

One of an influencer’s key goals is to grow their following, which makes them the perfect people to partner with if your numbers are looking low. We’ve seen lots of brands go down the root of a giveaway: in order to be considered, you must follow both the influencer and the brand sponsoring the prize. There’s always a drop-off of followers after but never at 100%, which means that you can secure a larger following for a small investment in the prize.

Influencer marketing campaigns can boost your SEO

The last pointer from us today, and it’s a goodie! Looking to improve your search engine ranking, but not sure where to start? Getting a backlink (a link from someone’s website to yours) can be super valuable if their website is well-optimised. Influencer marketing doesn’t just have to be social media-based; a sponsored blog post will guarantee a backlink to your site and is very easy to monitor through Google Analytics. It’s a fantastic way to improve your SEO.

Do you have any more questions about influencer marketing? We’d love to help! Drop us a line at hello@thebradycreative.co.uk 💙

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