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Are you getting in the way of your own marketing?

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Hannah Brady
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So, you've tried various new efforts with your marketing, shown up on the platforms that you feel are good for your business… but the results aren’t there 😬 You are doing your best to be consistent, but something is off and you can't get to the bottom of why

It’s frustrating and for many, this is when they give up. 

What’s normally happening in this situation is your not spotting your marketing blindspots. 

Yup, the hard truth is that you might be getting in the way of your marketing efforts without even realising it! So, in today’s blog, we’re shining a light on some of the most common mistakes we see our clients make, in the hope it helps you notice some of your blindspots and move forward. 

1. You are producing content based on what your competition produces, not what your audience wants to see

This mistake is so easy to make because no one wants to feel like the outlier! Treading a well-beaten marketing path is more comfortable than trying something new and radical.

While understandable, this mistake can really harm your marketing efforts for two reasons:

👉🏾 It means your content blends in, has no distinct personality, and feels like an imitation of somebody else’s.

👉🏾 You lose your audience because your content doesn't centre them, their needs, and what they engage with throughout your content.

Your content should always try and address your audience’s needs. What challenges are they facing right now, what content did they respond to in the past? Instead of playing copycat, be authentically yourselves and put the focus on helping YOUR audience to demonstrate your expertise.

2. You aren't saying the things you really want to in your content

So often, we see clients holding back in what they create. They’re scared to put their personality out there, share a joke that’s authentically theirs, or be too different.

The truth is, your audience doesn't want a watered-down version of you! They followed you for a reason, and authentic, honest content always sparks ten times the reaction of a fluff post with no heart behind it. Don’t be afraid to be yourself: you might find you create your most engaging content yet.

3. You aren't letting your team develop their personal brands

This is one of the biggest mistakes we see, but it can really harm your business! So many businesses are afraid for their employees to build their followings and have a large presence on social media; they hold back from tagging their personal accounts and rarely name them throughout their content.

We get it! You are worried that by publicising your team and tagging them personally, you will lose your top talent to other companies trying to get the very best. The truth is, employees will only stay with organisations that make them feel valued and part of the larger purpose. Harness the power of your employees. Train them, tag them, and use their audience to bolster yours; by making them a cornerstone of your content, you will attract their followers to support you and reap the rewards.

4. You still aren't making video content

We know, we know! Video can be an intimidating medium if you've never tried it before. Maybe you've given it a whirl in the past and didn't see the results you hoped for… or you have a camera roll full of drafts that are going nowhere.

But hey, it’s 2024 folks and we all need to embrace video! It’s being pushed on most major social media platforms and its power for marketing is HUGE. If you want to engage more deeply with your audience and create a library of content you can adapt and recycle, video is for you! Start simple, small, and short-form if you are stuck on where to begin. Bonus points for repurposing across platforms 💙

Still feeling stuck? We’re here to help! If you need an experienced marketing team in your corner this year, head to our contact page and let’s have a conversation 💪🏻

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