Welbeck Real Estate Advisors

Strategy first Branding for a London market-leading real estate company.

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The challenge

To create a brand identity that stands out from the competition. The brand needed to appeal to the real estate sector and reflect a rich history and heritage, and most of all, create a brand that is fluid across all channels.

The work

  • Brand creation, tone of voice and cultural flow
  • Asset design & brand launch
  • Brand audience and sector research
  • Web design & development (with EASISERV)

The story

Boasting over 60 years of combined experience and a successful track record of £3 billion in transactions, Welbeck Real Estate Advisors leverages its partners' expertise to provide independent guidance on commercial real estate acquisitions and disposals.

Recognising their industry standing, Welbeck sought a website and brand that reflects their youthful dynamism, while simultaneously conveying their established proficiency. Having seen previous work by EASISERV and The Brady Creative it was a no brainer to hit the green light on the project.

The result

To capture the essence of Welbeck Real Estate, we delved into their rich history and drew inspiration from the architectural heritage of their London street. This immersive process even led to the subtle integration of iconic elements from nearby buildings within their final logo design.

The branding and website embodies a clean, minimalist aesthetic while exuding a sense of high-end heritage. Reconciling Welbeck's established track record with their new business identity, we crafted a design that evokes trust alongside a feeling of fresh modernity and dynamism.

The happy customer...

The new design is honest, direct and clean and we’ve already had loads of positive feedback from people saying they love the branding.

Eitan Ben-Zion

Welbeck Real Estate Advisors
Welbeck Real Estate Advisors

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