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Why did your last Marketing Strategy fail?

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Paul Gordon
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Why did your last marketing strategy fail?

You were full of excitement, had your strategy in your head but soon abandoned it when you felt overwhelmed?

Let me take a guess as to why? 🤔

Your expectations were high and you thought this time it’ll be different…

✅ I am going to be super organised

✅ I have got a strategy and it’ll make me better at marketing

✅ I have so many ideas for content and it’s going to look great

But then some realities kicked in…

❌ It’s overwhelming keeping up with this on top of everything else

❌ My creative juices aren’t flowing and it’s becoming a chore

❌ My content isn’t getting any better or gaining any engagement

And just like that, your strategy goes out the door!🚪

But why?!

9 times out of 10 it’s because:

👉🏼 Your strategy is too complex and too big 

👉🏼 You’ve set unrealistic KPI’s

👉🏼 You haven’t based your strategy on your target audience and are using a scattergun approach

Think simple.

Don’t abandon it at the first hurdle.

Re-evaluate. Strategise. Make it bite-size and achievable.

Be consistent with the above.

You’ve got this 💪🏼


For those of you who are implementing your marketing strategy day-to-day in your business…

How is it going?

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