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How can you build audience trust?

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Hannah Brady
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Pretty sure we don’t need to tell you this but trust from your audience is everything.

Some of you might be familiar with the concept of Know, Like, Trust.

This is where you warm up your audience from being folks who don't know who you are, to brand advocates who trust you 100%. It’s what all your marketing should be trying to achieve, but if you are feeling stuck, don't stress. This is a big focus area for us at The Brady Creative and we love teaching our clients how to build audience trust, so today we wanted to share some of our top trust-building tips with you 👍🏼

(you’re welcome) 😉

1. Don’t fall into the clickbait trap

You’ve probably seen the marketing advice that tells us all to have a great hook for our content's first couple of lines. You need to say something enticing at the start to get people invested, right? 

This is true, but it can be too easy to obsess over hooks and forget that your content needs to deliver on what it promises

If you start with a strong hook, be ready to follow with even stronger content. Content that educates, entertains, or inspires. Content that adds some sort of value or enjoyment to your audience's day. If you find yourself writing great newsletter subject lines with body copy that doesn’t match, subscribers will stop opening. If your Instagram reels start with hype and quickly flow, get ready for reduced engagement and some unfollows. 

Yes, get those hooks working but make sure your content lives up to them. 

Give people a reason to come back and advocate for what you are sharing.

2. Find your version of consistency

When we tell clients they haven't been posting consistently enough, they often think we’re saying, “You haven't been posting daily.”

Let’s get one thing straight consistency isn’t the same as frequency. It’s about having a manageable schedule for your content and sticking to it. It’s also about ensuring your content is of similar quality every time you post 👌🏼(this is a really big one). 

Your audience should see the same brand colours, hear the same brand voice, and be greeted with the same brand fonts every time you create for them. The trick is to become familiar 👍🏼 

For many people, posting daily means their quality dips and or varies wildly. Inconsistency is not our friend when it comes to building audience trust. Most social media platform algorithms don't expect you to post daily because, like your audience, their focus is on the quality of what you are sharing, not the frequency. 

⚡️Our advice: start with 1-2 high-quality posts a week and as you get more confident with what you are doing, see if you can add a third without compromising on the quality.

3. Highlight your expertise wherever possible

If we had £1 for every time somebody tells us they are nervous to give away advice for free… 💭💷

The common result of fear of sharing is people give too little, giving your audience no reason to trust you as an expert or specialist that they should be investing in. Creating content that answers their questions and gives them a reason to view you as an expert/s is vital for establishing audience trust. 

As a starting point, share the entry-level questions that you are often asked - your FAQs. While remembering that the experience of working with you 1:1 or with your team will always hold a higher value no matter what advice you “give away” for free.


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