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4 tips to help find your brand's voice

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Helen Brady
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🤟🏻 4 tips to help you on your journey to find your brand’s voice 🤟🏻

Your brand’s tone of voice can really set you apart! So, I thought I'd put together a few tips on how to start building yours:

👉🏻 If you haven't already, create your target audience personas: fictional versions of your ideal customer. Always write with these in mind and adjust your copy if you feel it’s too formal, too jokey, or not in keeping with them & how they would speak!

👉🏻 Put together your brand guidelines or amend your existing ones. Add what emojis you'll use, or decide if you'll use them at all? Will you have a name you’ll refer to your followers as (Hannah likes to refer to her followers as folks)? Once done, share them with everyone writing for you whether it's your team, agency or freelancers - just let them know how you want to talk!

👉🏻 What “catchphrases” or signature expressions could you use to add character?

👉🏻 Still, stuck? Ask yourself this, is there any one person at your company that exemplifies your brand’s personality? Start with how they would speak, and build from there!

Have you thought about your brand’s tone of voice before or are you churning out the same dry, old school copy & content from yesteryear? 🤔

Let me know if you need help and it's time for a change. 😉

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