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4 pieces of content gold in your business that you might be missing!

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Hannah Brady
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Hands up if you find creating content hard! ✋🏼

Yup! This is one of the most common challenges that marketers face. We all want to be showing up consistently but it can be hard to find fresh ideas that connect with our target audience.

If you’ve been stressing out over this one then stress no further, friend.

Here are four key areas of content gold sitting within your business that may not have crossed your mind ⬇️

1. Opinion pieces from your team

Have you fallen in to the trap where all content from within your business is being created by you personally? That's a lot of weight on your shoulders.

Chances are, your team have some amazing insights that would be valuable for your target audience. Think of it this way, you are surrounded by experts who have experience and wisdom in what your business does. Put them out there, create content that shares their knowledge with your audience. Give those experts within your team a voice on your platforms - blog posts and short video pieces are especially good ways of presenting this type of content.

2. Share examples of where your own work has helped your business improve

Most of us are used to talking about how we serve our customers, but have you ever stopped to think about how you’ve used the knowledge of your industry to help your own business? It sounds obvious but it’s an area that is often missed.

Real-life examples matter and it’s important to show that we practise what we preach. Many of the tips that we share on The Brady Creative channels are things that we’ve tried, tested, and use day-to-day.

If you have a product, strategy, or service that has benefitted your business as much as it has your customers, tell the world! Don't shy away from it. See yourself as a case study.

3. Introduce your team to the world

This is a really simple and effective piece of content that, again, lots of people forget to create. People love hearing about other people, especially those that they could end up working with!

If your target audience gets a vibe for the kind of people in your business they will be more able to build a perception of whether you’re a compatible partner or not. We all love to feel that we’ll be working with teams that are genuine, so get your team in the spotlight folks!

4. Share the non-work fun!

Not everything we share with our audience needs to be directly related to our service or product! There is, after all, more to life than work, right?! This is another great way to share your personality with your target audience. Let them get to know you!

We recently shared the video below of myself and Mum having a giggle, a boogie and a chat on the way to work. It got far more views than our average posts from our business LinkedIn page and we got a lot of messages saying how much people enjoyed watching it.

"Easily the best and funniest post you've ever done!!!"

"You two would cheer up anyone's morning"

"This was better than James Corden's Carpool Karaoke"

Although there is nothing in the video about what we do as a business, it gave people an insight into us as mother and daughter, business owners, and people.

Have a think, is there behind the scenes content like this that you could be sharing with your audience that would help them get to know you and your team better?

⚡️Remember folks!⚡️

There is no such thing as the perfect piece of content so get your ideas out there! It’s better to be out there and imperfect than not out in the world at all.


We’d love to know which type of content has worked for your business so far?

Did it fall into any of the above categories?

We are all ears!👂🏼

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