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My first 3 weeks as a Digital Marketing Apprentice at The Brady Creative...

From leaving Northampton College in 2021, to part-time and full-time jobs and searching for an apprenticeship for what feels like ages, I have finally been successful and started a digital marketing apprenticeship.

YES! 💥 🙌🏼

My story on getting an apprenticeship

Over the last year, I have applied for multiple digital marketing apprenticeships however I was not successful.

When Starting Off contacted me about this apprenticeship, I read through the description and I was so happy because I felt like this was it, this is the one for me. I was invited for an interview face-to-face with Helen and Paul. The interview went great but I was so nervous. I wanted this apprenticeship so bad and all I wanted to know was whether I was successful or not.

Fast forward, I was called to another interview again face-to-face where I got to meet Hannah. Straight away we got on like house on fire and this was actually the day I was told that they wanted to offer me the apprenticeship. I was so happy, I started getting emotional on the inside because I thought to myself “yes, you did it, finally.” (I managed to keep it together during the meeting though 😉)

I am so grateful that Hannah, Helen and Paul have all seen the potential in me and have given me the opportunity to learn and get experience within the marketing industry.

In a nutshell, l was crazy happy and grateful for the opportunity and I have got a lot to look forward to and a lot to learn. It’s time to get busy!

So, how has it been so far...

I have recently started working with the Brady Bunch and I can confirm that I am enjoying it as well as learning new things already. Since day one, everyone has been lovely and welcoming which made it even easier for me to get comfortable and adjust within the workplace.

I started just 3 weeks ago and so far I have learned how to schedule social media posts for different platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn, and I've learnt to create monthly social media reports for different businesses.

I've started taking behind the scenes photos for content and turns out I did a damn good job. I surprised myself if I’m honest, I didn't think I was very good at taking pictures but turns out I’m pretty good according to the team. I have also been assisting Hannah in client video calls taking notes and of course, I've written my very first blog!

I also got an upgrade on my office chair, I can now go all the way back in my seat and every time I do it feels like I might fall but it's very comfortable. (Thanks guys! 😊)

More to come...

I am looking forward to the things that are to come as I will be learning so much more every day and I cant wait to see what this new journey will be like. I am having a great time here with the Brady Bunch and every day is filled with laughs, jokes and of course work.

I know that I am in good hands as the team are so talented and they have so much experience in what they are doing so there is no way I will finish this apprenticeship without getting the best experience and knowledge.

Now that you know more about me, make sure you follow my LinkedIn page to keep up with my journey as an apprentice 👍🏼

Hope you enjoyed reading my story!😃

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